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Here is what some of our patients wrote:

It takes a special person to look after others with the kindness and concern you always show.  Hope you know how much your help is appreciated.

Because you’ve been so very nice, its difficult to say - how much appreciation is in this card today --- so this is meant to tell you  - “thanks”  and then to tell you too -- the world would be much nicer if more people were like you!


You are a Dentist who I truly trust,
Doing your utmost is for you a must.
Your great expertise causes me great relief,
Your utmost you always achieve.
You’re extra special for your part,
For a job wrapped in kindness
Is a very special art.

Dear Doctors Rapoport and Staff: 

Your dental office is one of a kind,
Professionals like you are hard to find!
Kind and caring and dedicated above all,
Unlimited patience for all your patients big and small.
A grate big thank you we would like to express,
And wishing you continued success:
 In offering the greatest dental care,
To all your patients from far and near!

Gedalya Rapoport

Gedalya Rapoport will have a short bio with brief information on their background. Please check back soon or view the link below for more information.

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